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looking for a way to use an excel file and using the column as parameters to sql query, insert data into the excel file
0 4 hours ago by Dean-O Rochester
Cumulative Total by Group
9 4 hours ago by James Thomas
Original post by Saulius G
SQL to DAX nested case statement - Please Help!!
2 8 hours ago by Mike Kromminga
Original post by Tay gupta
Sharing dataset
0 9 hours ago by Nicholas BI
Count occurrences over 2 columns and allow filter
5 2 days ago by Vilmar Santos
Original post by James Lamb
4 2 days ago by Adel Heni
Original post by Tiffanie Honeyman
Dynamic Sum of X last columns in PowerBI
0 3 days ago by Marek Jurek
In Kuwait^^Abortion pills for sell in Kuwait^^Whatsapp +971565801893
0 3 days ago by Dr Dorry
2 3 days ago by Ebru Cömert
CUL Sum of a dynamic date
2 4 days ago by Christopher Angus
Moving Test Workspaces/Dataflows to Prod
0 5 days ago by Ian Frantz
Account Code Report
0 5 days ago by Sonya Jackson
Splitting a Parameter URL
0 6 days ago by V S
DAX Measure to link and Query optimization
0 7 days ago by Arun Subramanian
API call request using Bearer Token from Power BI M Query
3 7 days ago by Pulendar vadde
Datediff in same column
1 9 days ago by Jag kris
Original post by julien rouleau
DAX to calculate Difference from Min time from another table
2 9 days ago by Mark Soares
Help with Measure Context Issue :)
1 9 days ago by Jonathan CHANAL
Original post by Beau A
(PBI-Data atchd) Unable to COUNT for Prev month Orders in a card
4 9 days ago by Anubhav Mahule
1 11 days ago by Bob Parsons
Original post by Vinu Hari
Help with DAX measure - need to incorporate Parameters into measure
0 11 days ago by Tetyana Yatsenko
Conditional Formatting not working correctly in visual
2 12 days ago by Rachna Verma
Difficulty with DATESINPERIOD
2 12 days ago by Bill Sims
Acceso a ServiceNow en near real time
0 12 days ago by Sonia Martín
Very basic question (and I apologize for that…)
4 12 days ago by Emmanuel Laffort
subtract between two rows of the same column
14 13 days ago by Jag kris
Original post by Nadjim Idris
Group records by 1 Column, Filter by Another
2 14 days ago by Rob Littler
Dynamically pivot data table according to incidence of repeats
2 14 days ago by Leonardo Valenca
POWER BI RANKX function question/problem
1 14 days ago by GSC Bolade
Original post by Celia Seward
Use RELATED in Direct Query mode
0 18 days ago by Jed H
Show 0 when there is no sales
1 19 days ago by Olivier Aillery
Original post by Anu Radha
Problem with table with expand/collapse
2 19 days ago by Andrew Robinson
Rolling 12 month sales dax
0 20 days ago by Anu Radha
Power BI Free user can't see pro user's shared link
2 20 days ago by Frantisek Gregor
Original post by Chandler Bing
List of image URLs for the flags of the world
5 24 days ago by Philippe Addelia
Original post by Alejandra Neyra
How to freeze columns headers with matrix (as well as text title)
0 25 days ago by Patrick Forbes
Turn one text column into multiple boolean columns
2 25 days ago by Jeff Lynch
Original post by Norbert Empting
Compare Value between two dates
6 27 days ago by Theo Bv
Original post by Damini Gohil
Merged headers from excel to pbi
1 27 days ago by Olivier Aillery
Original post by Gustavo dos Santos
Complex Dax Help :) Please Help
6 27 days ago by Vishesh Jain
Original post by Beau A
Put data from a sharepoint flat file into "dimensions"
2 one month ago by Kevin Mooney
Original post by Fred Baltus
Standardize Name fields
1 one month ago by Chris Mishler
On premise gateway
1 one month ago by Nathan Nelson
Original post by Na Na
MAP visual arent enabled - ISSUE
0 one month ago by Anubhav Mahule
Dax formule IF condition appliquée dans le total du visuel
2 one month ago by CORNUT MARJORIE
Zoho Desk connector to Power BI desktop
11 one month ago by Tamara Tsyhan
Original post by Elizabeth Tachjian CPA
Power BI Facebook Connector issue Facebook Graph API doesn't work now.
1 one month ago by Adel Heni
Original post by Anil Maharjan
Power BI AZURE Active Directory Not Using User Principal Name for Data Connections
0 one month ago by Tim Andaya
Sum values between dates from another table.
2 one month ago by William Skelley
Original post by Andrea Pusceddu
Error from relationships (pbi atchd)
1 one month ago by William Skelley
Original post by Anubhav Mahule
Black Belt Series